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Memory cafés change lives. They help to combat loneliness and build community and are a lifeline to those with dementia and their carers. You can set them up simply and be launched within weeks. And when they are up-and-running the model is flexible and you can make changes depending what your situation is and what your guests want.

Memory cafés are a chance to make a difference. You can start simply and then add new elements as your café develops.

You’ll find that people come to you from all parts of your community. As a volunteer or organiser, setting up a café will lead to new friendships and opportunities to serve others.

Memory cafés are setting up throughout the country. They come in different shapes and sizes, and there is no absolute right way of doing them.

This website has all you need to set up a memory café in your area. It has the resources you’ll need, including quizzes and posters. We invite you to make the most of them. And when you’ve set one up do get in contact and let us know how it’s going.

Why set up a memory café

There are so many good reasons for setting up a memory café. For a start they are dead simple to do. You just need a warm room, some tables and a way to make tea and coffee. Then, armed with a trusty quiz you can get started. You don’t need many volunteers and, apart from heating costs, they are virtually free to run.

We have found that memory cafes work on so many levels. They are an antidote to loneliness, they create communities of love and care and they act as an unexpected burst of joy and happiness.

People who come tell us that the café has changed their life – building new friendships and helping people to feel valued and part of something.



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